Introducing CytoActive® gel crème for bruises developed in response to the overwhelming demand for a professional-strength Bruise Relief® formula by Dr. Holmquist Healthcare, the makers of the original Bruise Relief® Gel, Bruise Relief® Ultra Serum and WOW! for Bruises™ serum. Our CytoActive® gel crème for bruises product is available only to medical professionals and their patientsfreemoviexxx.ccfreemoviexxxfreemoviexxx.

Our third-generation skin care product was reformulated specifically for use after procedures that have a high frequency of non-treatment-related bruising. The texture, concentration, viscosity and apply-ability of CytoActive® gel crème for bruises make it uniquely effective for use following facial and cosmetic procedures.

Particularly in cosmetic procedures, CytoActive® gel crème for bruises assures the best possible outcome for the patient. CytoActive® gel crème for bruises absorbs quickly into the skin to help minimize the appearance of bruises that often result from cosmetic procedures, frequently seen with the use of injectable fillers and other injection procedures like Botox®. Because post-procedural bruising is so common, simply treat the bruise before it occurs. Patients then avoid alternatives like unsightly concealers or simply staying home until the bruising disappears, a process that can take 2-3 weeks.

The last thing your patients want is an unsightly bruise revealing the truth behind the youthful “new” appearance. So, as their doctor we encourage you to please give them CytoActive® gel crème for bruises. Call (985) 801-0513 or learn how to Place an Order Today.