The late Dr. Nelson Holmquist was an Ivy-league trained Cytopathologist and Professor of Pathology at LSU Medical School. For five generations, Dr. Holmquist’s family used a natural formula to treat bruises caused by the everyday bumps and minor injuries that we all experience in youth and in active lives. Although he was not initially certain of why the old remedy worked so well to minimize the appearance of bruises, he came to recognize that the primary ingredient in CytoActive® gel crème for bruises, glycerin, combined with our other ingredients is remarkable in its ability to clear existing bruises rapidly and prevent post procedural bruising.

After significant yet unpublished observations, Dr. Holmquist theorized that the rapid transport of glycerol into and through the layers of the skin and the subcutaneous fat cells beneath the skin, followed by the hydration of the tissues by glycerol and water, prevented bruise formation after injury by literally displacing the blood. Hydration of the cells of the upper layers of the dermis with glycerol also masks the appearance of a bruise by making the skin thicker and denser in fact and in appearance.

CytoActive® gel crème for bruises also incorporates another advantage of glycerin as a means of transporting water and the other compounds contained in CytoActive® though the aquaporin channels into the sub-dermal layers of the skin and fat cells. CytoActive® takes advantage of glycerin’s properties as a “transporter” to introduce purified water and essential vitamins and oils which are helpful to skin healing and which promote the rapid disappearance of bruising and discoloration.