Dr. Holmquist Healthcare® developed CytoActive® gel crème for bruises in response to overwhelming demand for a professional strength bruise relief formula that is only available to medical professionals and their patients. CytoActive® is conveniently packaged in two sizes:

8.5 OZ Pump Jar.  This is a back-bar size for in-office applications.

15 ml Airless Pump Bottle. This is for patients to purchase from their doctor for follow-up uses at home. Minimum order is 1 case (12 bottles).

The natural, cosmetic grade ingredients in our unique formulation for CytoActive® gel crème for bruises (glycerin, purified water, evening primrose oil, vitamin E oil, a small amount of vitamin C for skin brightening, and a thickener known as carbomer) work together to combat the single most common non-treatment related complaint following injections and other cosmetic procedures — bruising. All of our ingredients are all used in the purest available form. Because our ingredients and unique formulation have no known drug interactions, CytoActive® can also be used to help with bruising that results from a variety of other medical treatments and conditions including:

• Bruising caused by medications such as blood thinners

• Bruising caused by dialysis

• Bruising from injection sites

• Bruising caused by dental procedures

• More severe bruising that results from skin trauma

CytoActive® gel crème for bruises is very safe and can be used by people of all ages, all skin types, and those using medications.